Thursday, 30 April 2009

First message

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I am an aspiring novelist, currently writing my first book which is set in the amazing and richly diverse city of Bristol.

A small settlement in Saxon times, Bristol has grown to a major city with nearly half a million inhabitants. Whilst it's early history is steeped in the maritime industry and trading, the modern city is wonderfully eclectic with small businesses working alongside national and international concerns.

I've always wanted to write, in fact I wrote a lot when I was at school and my stories always used to be read out to the class. But, I felt it would remain a hobby and over the years I wrote less and less; that was until two years ago.

I realised I wanted to write and finish a novel, possibly even get published. I've always read books and love historical fiction, but what era to write about? I am fascinated by the Crusades, from an early age I have loved the story of Ivanhoe (my dad read it to me as a boy) so chivalry and knights have been a source of enjoyment. What about the Civil War? A truly remarkable era where the lives of everyone was affected by their personal convictions and beliefs. It was then, I hit on my unique selling point as a writer (I hope, anyway!).

With over 1000 years of history, why not write stories based around the city rather than a defined age? This allows me to indulge myself in various times in our past and also show how the city has grown through the ages!

My first novel is well underway and I have outline plans for three more. I hope you enjoy my blog, any constructive comment is always welcome.

Thank you